MISC Executive

Learn about the council members who represent MI students on committees and and councils within the Faculty of Information and the University of Toronto

Various council members represent MI students on committees and councils within the Faculty of Information and the University of Toronto.

Want to get involved? Take a look at our current council members to see what kind of positions are available. We hold elections in the Fall for first year positions, and Spring for Upper Year positions. Make sure to check our social media and MISC newsletter for updates on how to get involved!

Representatives (2021-22)

Faculty Council

Will Power-Jenkins

Faculty Council Representative

Nudrat Zehra

Faculty Council Representative

Syeda Nudrat Zehra

Faculty Council Representative

Jill Munro

Faculty Council Representative

Eric Hanson

Faculty Council Representative


Faculty Council Representative

Faculty of Information Alumni Association (FIAA)

Nicole Librodo

Alumni Association Representative (FIAA)

International Students

Shahroz Zaman

International Student Representative, First-Year


Sarah Cozzarin


Tech Fund

Emma Ratcliffe

Tech Fund Representative, Upper-Year

Usman Malik

Tech Fund Representative, First-Year

Mansi Jain

Tech Fund Representative, Upper-Year

University of Toronto Graduate Student Union (UTGSU)

Kamilah Ebrahim

UTGSU Representative

MISC Council (2020-21)



President: Courtney DeMaeyer
Executive Vice-President: Shehroze Saharan
VP-Operations: Will Power-Jenkins
VP-Finance: Usman Malik
VP-Communications: Julia Geisler
VP-Academic Affairs: Heba Roble

Committee Chairs

Professional Development Co-Chairs, First-Year: Kexin Li, Rahul Sabu Joseph
Social Committee Co-Chairs: Ariana Cuvin, Nem Hannah Brunell
Survey Committee Co-Chair, Upper-year: Lala Kumalasari Sondjaja
Survey Committee Co-Chair, First-year: Isabel Bowman
Mental Health Committee Co-Chair, Upper-Year: Natalie Somerset


MISC-MUSSA Liaison: Sara Cozzarin
Alumni Association Representative: Nicole Librodo
Tech Fund Representatives, Upper-Year: Emma Ratcliffe, Mansi Jain

International Student Representative, First-Year: Shahroz Zaman

Awards Committee Representative (Pres): Courtney DeMaeyer
Programs Committee Representative, Upper-Year (VP-AA): Heba Roble
Programs Committee Representative, First-Year (EVP): Shehroze Saharan
Committee on Standing Representative (VP-AA): Heba Roble
Masters Recruitment & Admission Committee (MRAC) (VP-AA): Heba Roble

Graduate Student Union Representative (Pres): Courtney DeMaeyer
Graduate Student Union Representative (EVP): Shehroze Saharan
Graduate Student Union Representative: Kamilah Ebrahim

Faculty Council Representative (Pres): Courtney DeMaeyer
Faculty Council Representative (EVP): Shehroze Saharan
Faculty Council Representative (VP-AA): Heba Roble
Faculty Council Representatives: Jill Munro, Nudrat Zehra, Will Power-Jenkins

Working Groups

Accessibility Interests Working Group Co-Chair: Amy Farrow
Class of 2020 & 2021 Continuity Chair: Patty Facy
Diversity Working Group Chair: Lorena Almaraz
Part-Time Students’ Working Group: Megan Lau, Andrew Micak