MISC Committees

MISC Committees

Learn about MISC Committees responsible for carrying out specific activities, events and initatives.

MISC’s Standing Committees are responsible for carrying out specific activities, events or initiatives annual for MISC. For example, each year the Social Committee plans Orientation and end of year events; the Professional Development Committee hosts a Fall Clubs & Associations Fair and Employer Showcase; and the Survey Committee conducts an annual student experience survey.

Beyond these annual responsibilities, the Committee Co-Chairs carry out new projects and events based on the needs of MISC and requests from students. Committee Co-Chairs are elected by students during each election period (Upper Years during Spring elections, First Years during Fall elections). Any MI student can join a MISC Committee as a volunteer.

Explore MISC’s Committees below:

Committee Chairs

These council members are elected by the MI student body to chair MISC’s standing committees.

Professional Development

Social Committee

Ariana Cuvin

Social Committee Co-Chair

Nem Hannah Brunell

Social Committee Co-Chair

Survey Committee

Lala Sondjaja

Survey Committee Co-Chair, Upper Year

Isabel Bowman

Survey Committee Co-Chair, First Year

Mental Health Committee

Natlaie Somerset

Mental Health Committee Co-Chair, Upper Year

Lucas Luoma-Uhlik

Mental Health Committee Co-Chair, First Year