Truth and Reconciliation Working Group: MI student position

MISC is searching for a self-identifying Indigenous or Metis representative for the Faculty of Information’s Truth and Reconciliation Working Group. The position would involve collaborating with Faculty, administration, students, and groups to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action.

The position would consider the University of Toronto’s response to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and:

    1. Liaise with relevant student groups in the Faculty of Information; review the Final Report of the Faculty Council Working Group (chaired by Prof. Cara Krmpotich, approved at Feb 4, 2016 Council) to determine further action required on report implementation.
    2. Identify contacts/resource people within the Indigenous  community at the University of Toronto and in the surrounding area to serve in advisory roles, as speakers, etc. in the development of programs, educational events, etc.;
    3. Identify Indigenous and other organizations additional to the University that offer programs and services in support of initiatives identified by the Working Group;
    4. Develop a strategy and mechanism(s) for communicating regularly with the Faculty of Information community regarding the activities of the Working Group;
    5. Report on the progress of the Working Group at each meeting of the Faculty Council throughout the 2020-2021 academic session and to issue a final report to the last regularly scheduled meeting of Council;
    6. Make recommendations as to an Indigenous space in the renovation of the Bissell Building;
    7. Make recommendations on the content and design of the Faculty of Information website in respect to cultural awareness;
    8. Make recommendations as to how the Faculty of Information can move forward on greater representation of indigeneity in the curriculum across all programs and concentrations;
    9. Make recommendations regarding an appropriate mechanism for continuity relating to Working Group recommendations and initiatives.

The membership of the TRWG will include:

  • One (1) student member from each degree program of the Faculty of Information
  • Two (2) Teaching Staff
  • One (1) Sessional instructor
  • One (1) UTL Librarian
  • One (1) Student Services Staff
  • Chaired by Dean and Professor Wendy Duff
If you are a current MI student interested in taking on this role, please email with a short 150-word statement about your interest and qualifications.