Student Sponsored Initiatives Funding


Student Sponsored Initiatives

MISC can provide funding to sponsor student initiatives. We are looking for great ideas for events and activities that foster interesting and valuable academic discourse here at the Faculty of Information. Apply for funding by submitting a budget proposal to MISC with your name, contact information, student organization affiliation (if applicable), specifics of the event (name, date, and summary), projected expenses, total amount requested, and why the funding is being requested including an explanation of how it will benefit the larger student community.

Here are some generic examples of student initiatives: guest speakers, workshops, educational trips, social events, and fundraising events. Student groups that have received MISC funding in the past include: Book Club, Special Libraries Practicum, 3C Conference, Mental Health Awareness Campaign, Librarians Without Borders, Children and Youth Advocacy Group.

Student Initiative Funding Request Form (DOCX)

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Reserve Funds

MISC has allocated a portion of our reserve funds in order to support student proposals that will have an impact on the overall experience here at the Faculty of Information. The reserve funds constitute accumulated funds from previous years where the MISC went under-budget. We think that a portion of this money should be spent on improving the student experience for those that are currently enrolled. We are looking for proposals aimed at special one-time events, activities, or projects that impact the entire student body. An example might include MISC acquisition of student art work that would be displayed in the student lounge.

For more information, contact the VP-Finance.

Reserve Funding Request Form (DOCX)


Funding Regulations

MISC Funding Regulations (PDF)