Diversity (DWG)

Co-Chairs: Tomoko Shida, Tamara Rayan

The Diversity Working Group was formed to create an intellectual, professional and social safe space and network for like-minded BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) and ally students and alumni of the Faculty of Information. We are also working to provide an alternative avenue through which iSchool students can engage in discussion about how colonialism and Eurocentric biases have shaped professional practice and the workforce in the GLAM (gallery, library, archives and museum) professions, and to eventually effect changes within the iSchool curriculum in order to ensure that all future graduates from the iSchool will be aware of and ready to identify racial inequity within their professions.

For the 2019-2020 academic year the Working Group is composed of co-chairs (Tamara Rayan and Tomoko Shida) and three additional project leads (Stefanie MartinMoska Rokay and Renee Saucier). All MI students and alumni are encouraged to participate. Opportunities to be involved include attending events and helping out with various initiatives, including:

  • BIPOC (and ally) social gatherings
  • Guest speaker events and workshops
  • Participation in campus-wide reading group for professional faculties (i.e. Education, Law, Medicine, Social Work and so on) in partnership with the Jackman Humanities Institute to engage in discussions about race, ethnicity, religion and the concept of ‘professionalism’
  • Engagement with iSchool faculty members and committees to promote key changes within the Faculty of Information

For further information, please contact thediversityworkinggroup@gmail.com.