Promoting with MISC

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Our Channels

MISC is happy to promote any iSchool student-run events and activities to MI students. We use the following online channels to stay in touch:

Microsoft Team Account | FacebookInstagram | Twitter

MISCy Business: MISC sends a weekly e-mail newsletter called MISCy Business to all MI students via our student society listserv. Newasletters generally go out every Monday in the evening, though during less busy periods some weeks may be skipped.

NEWSLETTER Promotion Requests

Please note the following guidelines for submitting announcements:

  • We are happy to promote any initiatives that are run by iSchool student groups, and we encourage you to submit requests for any meetings, talks, tours, or other events open to iSchool students.
  • To request an announcement, please access the Google Form here.
  • Requests that are submitted for external events will be curated very carefully. We want to ensure MISC channels are used to communicate unique information of interest, so students continue to find them valuable.
  • The weekly cut-off for newsletter requests is Sundays at 6:00pm. MISC-y Business on Monday. MISC will not fulfill send any announcements outside of our regular newsletters.
  • A single request will only be included in a maximum of three (3) newsletters. If you submitted your request more than two Saturdays before your event date, it will be included in the first newsletter after submission and again the last newsletter before the event.

Other Channels Around Bissell


Posters sized 8.5″ by 11″ (or smaller) may be posted on designated bulletin boards in Bissell (e.g. between the elevators on each floor and in the 7th floor student lounge).

Please consult the iSchool’s poster policy (PDF). If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the iSchool Facilities Coordinator Kevin Freedman.

TV Screens

If you would like to display an advertisement on the tv screens throughout Bissell (e.g. in the main floor lobby and outside the Inforum), please send an image that is 16:9 to the and we will forward it onto Student Services.

The Faculty of Information’s Communications Department has provided additional information for submitting promotional material.