MISC Working Groups

MISC Working Groups

Learn about Working Groups responsible for carrying out specific activities, events, and initatives.

There are currently four working groups covered under the MISC constitution:

Accessibility Interests
Class of 2020 & 2021 Continuity
Part-time Students

New working groups can be created by a majority vote during a meeting of General Council, at which time a Chair must be appointed. The Working Group may begin operating immediately after this vote is approved. By the following General Council meeting, the Working Group must submit a constitutional amendment including terms of reference for their Group (written in consultation with the MISC executive). Candidates for Vice-President and Representative positions are particularly encouraged to consider chairing a Working Group, since their duties often overlap with the issues addressed by Working Groups.

Working Group Chairs

Lorena Almaraz

Chair: Diversity Working Group

Andrew Micak

Co-Chair: Part Time Students Working Group

Meagan Lau

Co-Chair: Part Time Students Working Group

Adrian Petterson

Chair: Accessibility Interests Working Group

Patty Facy

Chair: Class of 2020 & 2021 Continuity Working Group

Past Working Group Events & Initiatives