MISC’s Statement on Anti-Asian Racism

Support and resources to help our community through this difficult time

March 25th, 2021 

In memoriam:

Xiaojie Tan
Daoyou Feng
Delaina Ashley Yaun
Paul Andre Michels
Soon Chung Park
Hyun Jung Grant
Suncha Kim

Yong Yue

With heavy hearts, we grieve the murder of eight people, including six women of Asian descent, on Tuesday, March 16 in Atlanta, Georgia. Our hearts reach out to those mourning the loss of a loved one and to those emotionally disturbed by the violent actions.  

The Master of Information Student Council (MISC) stresses that the root of these issues disseminate across borders. Anti-Asian racism, misogyny, and violence against sex workers are entrenched in the systems of our Canadian society. In our collective condemnations, we must include the systemic racism and systemic misogyny that facilitated these murders.  

We know that our student body may be hurting more than we as a student government are able to see so we have compiled some resources on the following pages for anyone struggling to carry this emotional trauma alone. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to us at misc.ischool@utoronto.ca for more information or for an empathetic ear. Please take care of yourself during this period of grieving. 


MISC Executive 


Faculty of Information’s Resources:

UTGSU’s Resources and Supports:

Information on and Reporting of anti-Asian hate crimes in Canada:


Bystander Intervention Training and Workshops


Alternatives to Calling the Police


Join the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice #FaceRace Campaign


Resources for Educators:

ETFO Fact Sheet on Anti-Asian Racism

• Addressing Anti-Asian Racism in Schools: Booklet and Webinar

Lesson of the Day

Donate to Asian Advocacy and Activist Organizations

• Asian Community Aids Services: www.acas.org. This Toronto-based organization is working to improve sexual health in east and southeast Asian communities.

• Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta: Support Georgia’s Asian American Community

• Support Asian and Migrant Sex Workers: Butterfly

• Donate to the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice: support-us –