GSU Representative: Kamilah Ebrahim

Kamilah is a Masters of Information candidate at the University of Toronto, focusing on Human Centered Data Science. She is passionate about connecting with other students and representing the iSchool community at all levels of student government at UofT.

Kamilah has worked with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Global Affairs Canada and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. She is passionate about using data science and statistical methods to create explainable and transparent technical solutions.

Kamilah is currently a Graduate Fellow at the University of Toronto Center for Ethics and a Thought Leader at MaRS Discovery District as part of the #ImpactCOVID project



Graduate Student Union (UTGSU) Representative

MISC has 3 UTGSU representatives that sit on the UTGSU Board of Directors/General Council. The President and Executive Vice President are each one representative, and a third ls elected during MISC’s Spring Elections. The UTGSU Representative attends and contributes to all MISC meetings and is allotted one vote at General Council. The UTGSU Representatives report on the discussions of the UTGSU meetings at MISC General Council, and, if necessary, raise any of MISC’s concerns at the UTGSU meetings. The UTGSU Representatives must be able to attend UTGSU meetings, as MISC’s presence is required in order to receive course union funding from the UTGSU.

MISC’s 3 UTGSU representatives may divide among themselves various duties in addition to each of them attending all these meetings. The divided duties include occasional picking up and delivering mail between the UTGSU and the MISC (including cheques and posters to be put up), and forwarding the weekly UTGSU Digest to the MI student body.

The UTGSU Board of Directors/General Council is comprised of course union representatives (“UTGSU Representatives”) who represent the different departments and faculties across the University of Toronto graduate programs. The UTGSU meets once each month, and discusses and votes on various issues such as tuition, rallies, and social events. For more information, visit the UTGSU website.