COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Supporting Students As We Adapt to a New Normal


As students ourselves, we understand that it’s been challenging to adapt to the new reality of student life during COVID-19. We are here to support you and relay your concerns to Student Services and the UofT community more broadly.

We’ll continue updating this page as developments continue!

News & Updates

Check the iSchool’s COVID-19 page for MI-related updates and the UofT COVID-19 page for University wide updates.

iSchool Resources

MISC Support

  • Incoming students, please join our Incoming Students Facebook Group to ask questions, get to know your peers, and stay informed on everything iSchool related.
  • Visit MISC’s Guide to COVID-19 for self-isolation activities and resources for MI students during this time. There is a cover sheet with updates that we update as soon as we have new information.
  • MISC’s iStudents for Mental Health Committee is keeping tabs on changes to availability of mental health resources during the COVID-19 crisis and posting updates on their COVID-19 Mental Health Support page.
  • If you’re sick or at risk of becoming sick and are worried about running errands, the MISC Accessibility Interests Working Group is offering grocery & pharmacy delivery. Email to request support.
  • The MISC Accessibility Interests Working Group is also offering social support via video chat for students struggling with the impacts of self-isolation. Email to set up a meeting time.

Spring 2020 Convocation

On April 3, UofT announced plans for a virtual University-wide convocation ceremony to make up for cancelled in-person ceremonies in June. UofT also announced that individual departments are free to plan their own convocation-style ceremonies for their students. On the same day, our Dean committed to planning a convocation-style ceremony (with gowns and all!) and reception for the Spring class of 2020, to take place eventually once social distancing measures.

The Class of 2020 Continuity Working Group was created at MISC’s April 2020 General Council meeting to address the impacts of COVID-19 on Spring 2020 MI graduates. The group aims to bring closure to graduating students by ensuring that cancelled end of year events such as Convocation and graduation celebrations can take place at a later date once social distancing measures are lifted. Spring 2020 graduates should check out the Class of Continuity Working Group to stay updated on graduation plans!