President: Ishani Pandey

Ishani Pandey is a Master of Information student concentrating in User Experience Design in addition to Information Systems Design. As the President and Tech Fund Representative, Ishani aims to facilitate an interactive and collaborative ecosystem and contribute to the diverse community of iSchool. She is eager to join the tight-knit iSchool family of mentors and peers who constantly challenge and inspire one to make improbable connections, while engaging in dynamic discussion about current and future practices in the field of Information.

Ishani has specialised in architectural and experience design from her undergraduate program at CEPT University, India. Prior to iSchool, Ishani has worked in various academic and architectural organisations where she facilitated research and conceptual development in domains of architectural design, human centered design, UX and Strategy. She enjoys cooking, exploring new cities and spaces, and looks forwards to various unique interactions.



The President oversees all areas of MISC and leads the strategy and goals of MISC over the course of the year, in consultation with MISC’s Executive Committee and General Council. The President calls, prepares agendas for, attends, and chairs meetings of the General Council and Executive Committee. They are responsible for ensuring that all areas of MISC are functional, implementing MISC’s strategies throughout the year, and taking initiative to advocate for MI students’ needs.

The position of President is essentially that of liaison to both the administration and the Membership while handling all correspondence on behalf of the MISC, and brings any issues of the Membership to the attention of General Council at meetings. The President is recognized as the official spokesperson of the MISC to the administration and wider community. The President attempts to meet and maintain regular communication with various administrators at the Faculty of Information, such as the Dean, Assistant Deans as necessary, and the Registrar.

The President also leads the MISC Executive, which is comprised of the President and all Vice President positions. The Executive is responsible for the day-to-day operations of MISC, and are responsible for high-level decisions about MISC’s strategy and goals for each academic year.In addition, the President also acts as a representative to the Faculty Council, Faculty Council Executive Committee, Faculty of Information Awards Committee and the UTGSU General Council/Board of Directors.