Key Documents

Guiding Documents

  • Our Constitution outlines the structure of MISC and the duties of each MISC member.
  • Our Operating Guidelines outline how MISC functions on a day to day basis, such as how we manage finances and Council communications.
  • MISC’s Mission Statement explains our reason for existing and the mandate that guides the work we do.
  • Our SSI Funding Regulations outline the kinds of initiatives that all MI students can request funding for. More information about SSIs (Student Sponsored Initiatives) can be found on our SSI Funding page.


Budget For 2021-2022 Academic Year (TBP Fall 2021)

Budget For 2020-2021 Academic Year (PDF)

Budget For 2019-2020 Academic Year (PDF)

Each fall the budget is created by the VP Finance and President and is approved by the MISC General Council. MISC is funded through the MISC Student Society Fee and through UTGSU Head Grant Funding. Our budget allows MISC to operate and funds student initiatives across the iSchool. A portion of our budget is dedicated to Student Sponsored Initiatives (SSI) for groups and students outside of our council. Any member of MISC (students who have paid their MISC fees) are eligible to apply. For more information SSI funding, click here.

Annual reports

Letters, Reports & Statements

MISC Statement of Solidarity with BIPOC Student Recommendations  (June 2020) (pdf)

The Master of Information Student Council (MISC) stands in solidarity with the Faculty of Information students demanding a safe space for our current and future BIPOC students. Thank you to the Diversity Working Group, Indigenous Connections Working Group, Accessibility Interests Working Group, Museum Professionals of Colour, and the many Faculty of Information students and alumni for their impressive collaboration on these recommendations.

MISC Statement on the University Mandated Leave of Absence Policy (July 2018) (PDF)

On June 27, the University of Toronto Governing Council voted in favour of approving the Mandatory Leave of Absence Policy (MLAP). MISC stands alongside the student associations from all three campuses that voiced their opposition to the MLAP at the Governing Council meeting, including the Graduate Student Union, the University of Toronto Students’ Union, the U of T Mississauga Students’ Union and the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union.

CUPE 3902 Statement of Solidarity (March 16, 2015) (PDF)

In March 2015, MISC wrote a statement expressing solidarity with the members of CUPE 3902, Unit 1. MISC also urged university administration to return to negotiations with CUPE 3902 and end the strike.

MI Consultative Meeting Report (September 19, 2013) (PDF)

In September 2013, as part of a periodic external review conducted by the University of Toronto, the Faculty of Information facilitated a consultative meeting with MI students to solicit feedback. Although this meeting was organized by the faculty, MISC felt it was a valuable opportunity to gauge student feedback about the MI program. As such, this report has been prepared to preserve these comments in detail for MISC and ensure they can be referred to beyond their inclusion in the faculty’s self-study document.

Conversations With The Dean Report (March 8, 2012) (PDF)

In March 2012, two “Conversations with the Dean” town hall meetings were held for feedback on the core courses (INF1001, INF1002, and INF1003). The MISC President facilitated the discussion, and the MISC Vice-President produced a report. For the following academic year, incoming students were no longer required to complete the core courses as part of the program.