Alumni Association Representative: Harpriya Kaur Sodhi

Harpriya is an ambivert who likes to write, sketch, cook and travel. With three years of professional experience in a FinTech company, she is well-acquainted with technologies, can work well in a team, multi-task and handle deadlines, besides bestowing good interpersonal communication and presentation skills. She has a good fashion sense and loves shopping. She loves to capture moments, and explore new places and newer food cuisines. She is quite exhilarated to kick off this journey afresh in the field of UX Design and looking forward to meet people and make friends from diverse backgrounds. She has somehow tasted the flavour of software technologies in the formative years of her career and wants to dig deeper, making room for wider creative opportunities ahead, amidst having fun and learning at the same time.


Alumni Association Representative

The Faculty of Information Alumni Association (FIAA) Representative acts as the liaison between the Master of Information Student Council (MISC) and the FIAA. The FIAA Rep is expected to attend and contribute to monthly meetings for both the FIAA and the MISC, and is allotted one vote for each organization. More specifically, the FIAA Rep is expected to contribute to the planning and promotion of the Job Shadowing program and the FIAA student conference grants & awards. Overall, the person holding this position strives to ensure that the FIAA is aware of the goings-on of the MISC, and vice-versa.