Grace Chen

Grace is a second year MI student specializing in User Experience Design. As Upper Year Survey Committee Co-Chair, she is excited about gauging the overall student experience and increasing student involvement with MISC and iSchool. She hopes to detangle the factors behind student issues and student satisfaction to continually improve the programs offered by the Faculty of Information and MISC’s outreach and impact on the student body.

Previously, Grace served as on the Survey Committee as the First Year Co-Chair. She completed her undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science at the University of California, San Diego and also served as Vice President and Public Relations Chair for the UCSD Cognitive Science Student Association. Outside of MISC, Grace enjoys being a tourist, playing ultimate frisbee, and learning about data science and mixed media design. She is fairly decent at Boggle.



Survey Committee Co-Chair

The Survey Committee is led by the Upper Year and First Year Survey Committee Co-Chairs and works to gauge the overall student experience at the iSchool through student-run surveys and data collection. The data generated helps MISC understand the focus of its students’ needs. The Committee’s main initiative is the MISC Student Experience Survey, which gauges MISC’s performance as well as overall student satisfaction in the Faculty of Information. The Co-Chairs are responsible for presenting the data in a timely manner after the Survey has been conducted and publishing a summary of the data online. The Committee also works with other Council Members as needed to take other surveys of the student body as needed.