Professional Development Co-Chairs

Kexin Li

Kexin is a first-year MI student concentrating in UXD, a psychology graduate of McGill University, and a strategy analyst in tech. Her work has helped UNEP, LinkedIn, MindGeek, and SSENSE make better data-driven decisions.

Outside of ischool and work, Kexin enjoys snowboarding, hiking, fictions, and guitar riffs. She occasionally updates her blog ( where she rambles about tech and self-education. She is excited to bring more professional development opportunities to MI students.


Rahul Sabu Joseph

As an incoming first year student, Rahul brings over 10 years of experience to help expand professional development opportunities for MI students at the Faculty of Information. He knows that it’s not easy to navigate job hunting along with school. He is available and interested to chat through individual needs and suggestions. He will be a safe sounding board for all people to help maximize professional opportunities.

He completed his undergraduate and first Masters in Materials Science and Engineering from Drexel University and is now excited to pivot to the fields of LIS and HCDS. If he has free time, it’s spent rummaging through the TPL website for new books to add to his holds/saved lists!


Professional Development Co-Chair

The Professional Development Committee requires one second year student as well as one first year student to act as co-chairs. The Committee also welcomes members at large for ideas and input. The PD Committee is responsible for a number of professional development events for students at the Faculty of Information throughout the school year, including various resume and job-interview clinics, speaker events, and career-oriented workshops. The Professional Development Committee’s largest events are the annual Employer Showcase (formerly the Job and Networking Event), usually held in January, as well as the iSchool Clubs & Associations Fair, held in September. Each Co-Chair is allotted one vote at MISC meetings. Check out the MISC page ( for this committee to learn more!