MISCellaneous #42 – February 4, 2019

  1. Student Conference – IM Conference Call for Proposals
    AMIA – Film Cataloging Workshop and AV Garage Sale
  2. MISC – Hoodies for Sale
  3. ACA UofT Student Chapter and SLA Toronto Student Group: Tour of the CBC Library and Mass Digitization Project
  4. MISC – Valentines Day iTea February 14
  5. Yoga in the Inforum
  6. MISC Student Satisfaction Survey – Winter 2019

MISCellaneous is the Masters of Information student newsletter.

Sorry about not posting an update last week.


1. Student Conference – IM Conference Call for Proposals

The IM Conference is an annual event that engages students, faculty, alumni, and professionals. It provides students a platform to share their research with a broad community of peers. IM Conference 2019 will be hosted at the Faculty of Information, April 15th & 16th.

This year’s theme is Community Knowledge: Shared Practices of Sense-Making, Communication, & Collaboration.

Calling for proposals from students of the MI, CRO, Co-op, and MMSt for presentations that reflect on communities of practice in the Library, Archive, Museum, or more broadly in the use, design, or development of an information & communication system.

Submit your proposal via Google Form: https://goo.gl/mUs6aQ

Deadline: Wednesday February 20, 11:59pm


2. AMIA – Film Cataloguing Workshop and AV Garage Sale

Film Cataloging Workshop

Interested in working in a film archives but unfamiliar with the format? Join AMIA@UofT for a film cataloguing workshop led by Assistant Media Archivist Christina Stewart from the Media Commons! Enjoy a hands-on workshop where we’ll learn what to look for when cataloguing film and examine different samples as examples.

February 5th from 4-6pm:https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/amiauoft-film-cataloguing-workshop-tickets-54669627327

AV Garage Sale

Come help support AMIA@UofT at our 2nd AV Garage Sale, this time in Innis College lobby from 12:30-6pm on February 6, 2019!

We have DVDs, we have movie posters, we have music, we have VHS cassettes, we even have some disc players. New and used movies in a variety of formats.
Our prices are low, and there are lots of bargains.

Funds raised help us organize more hands-on workshops and events for fellow iSchool students interested in Library and Archives (and any others who just have a love for archival film).


3. MISC – Hoodies for Sale

Hoodie Sale!!!

Need some extra layers to fight off the harsh Toronto winter? MISC has got you covered with unisex Faculty of Information hoodies! Let us know your preferences for size and price in the form below, which will help us choose a vendor (we’re between 2 very similar vendors right now).



4. ACA UofT Student Chapter and SLA Toronto Student Group: Tour of the CBC Library and Mass Digitization Project

Join the Special Libraries Association — Toronto Student Group and the Association of Canadian Archivists — University of Toronto Student Group for an exciting tour of the CBC library and Mass Digitization Project. Learn about cataloguing diverse media, library access, and the role this unique library plays in the film community both in and beyond Toronto.

Please gather at least ten minutes before the event begins at the security desk on the first floor of the CBC Toronto Broadcasting Centre.

This tour is accessible.

Register on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/tour-of-the-cbc-library-and-mass-digitization-project-tickets-53264111391?fbclid=IwAR0M4aWrMR69-QIPJN-vx84oAsoOP0St2_jXVdUiC78Pa_HUoYzwQ5z8OtI


5. MISC – Valentines iTea February 14

Join MISC for an iTea celebration: Valentine’s Day edition! There will be cookie decorating and card-making crafts! Yummy sweets and beverages will also be provided.

The Valentine’s iTea Celebration will be in the Inforum from 4-6pm on February 14.

We hope to see you there!


6. Yoga in the Inforum

We are pleased to relay that the Inforum, MISC, and MUSSA have partnered to offer yoga drop-in sessions throughout this term.  Chelsea Humphries, MI student and a Certified Yoga teacher, cced, will be facilitating these sessions in room 507 on the following days at the following times:

Wednesday, January 16, 12:20 to12:45

Wednesday, February 13, 12:20 to12:45

Wednesday, March 13, 12:20 to12:45

Wednesday, April 3, 12:20 to12:45

Wednesday, April 10, 12:20 to12:45


7. MISC Student Satisfaction Survey – Winter 2019

The Survey Group of the Master of Information Student Council is aiming to assess MISC’s performance representing student issues and the overall student satisfaction at the Faculty of Information. We invite you to fill out this Google Forms survey to let us know how we can improve as your representatives. This questionnaire has 7 questions, and should only take 3-5 minutes to complete.

Thank you for participating, your feedback helps us identify how we can better support the MI student body.




Room Bookings

Does your group need a place to hold a meeting? MISC manages bookings of the student lounge on the 7th floor. Please fill out this form to confirm a time.

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