Wing Lam Tse

Wing is an upper-year MI student, concentrating in User Experience Design and Information Systems Design. She graduated from the University of Toronto and completed her undergraduate degree as a specialist in Digital Enterprise Management. Back when she was completing her undergraduate degree, she was the event director for a student club.

Her passion lies in organizing various events to bring together the local Chinese community and helping students to overcome the challenge of starting their life in a university, assisting students in solving their difficulties in their new learning environment.

To be one of the student council members and international student representatives, Wing is open to collecting students their thoughts and ideas for improving the environment of iSchool. If you have any issues, feel free to reach her.


International Student Representative

There are two International Student Representatives on MISC (one Upper Year, one First Year). Both Representatives must be registered international students in the Master of Information program. Each student is allotted one vote at MISC General Council meetings. The Representatives act as liaisons between the international student body and MISC, collaborating with MISC’s committees to host events and activities for international students, and working with MISC to ensure that international students feel included and involved with student life at the Faculty of Information. Broadly speaking, they are responsible for advocating for international students’ needs on MISC, at the iSchool, and at UofT more widely.