Spring Elections 2022

Want to get involved with the Master of Information Student Council?

Nominations Open on March 11th!

Nomination Period:
March 11th – March 27th, 2022
Voting Period:
March 28th – March 31st, 2022

The Master of Information Student Council holds elections twice a year, in the first month of the fall term and the final month of the spring term. The majority of each new council is elected in the spring term, while the Vice President, First Year Representatives, Faculty Council Representatives, as well as any unfilled positions are elected in the following fall.

Running for student council is a great way to get involved in life at the iSchool and make sure your voice is heard. You can develop new skills in advocacy, committee work, event planning, budgeting, and more. It is also an excellent opportunity to make connections with future leaders in the information profession.

All registered MI students are eligible to run and vote in MISC elections!

Election Timeline

March 11th – April 4th

Elections for MISC’s 2022-2023 General Council will take place from March 11th to April 4th!

  • Nomination Period: March 11th (6:00 AM EST) – March 27th (11:59 PM EST), 2022
  • Voting Period: March 28th (6:00 AM EST) – March 31st (11:59 PM EST), 2022
  • Results Announced: April 4th, 2022

How to Nominate Yourself:

Nominations open at 6:00AM on March 11th, 2022 and close at 11:59PM on March 25th, 2022. Please take a look at the positions available for election below, and nominate yourself using this form.

You may nominate yourself for any available position(s) on MISC! Interested candidates are expected to familiarize themselves with the responsibilities of their desired position. Please read the position description below on this page, consult the MISC Constitution, or contact the President for more detailed information.

  • You may nominate yourself for as many positions as you would like.
  • You must include a short nomination statement with your submission. This will be used as your candidate statement during voting.
  • If you wish to withdraw your submitted nomination, you may do so prior to the start of the voting period by emailing the VP Operations/CRO.
  • Any positions that remain unfilled will be open for the Fall elections


March 11th (6:00 AM EST) – March 27th (11:59 PM EST)


March 28th (6:00 AM EST) – March 31st (11:59 PM EST)

Position Descriptions

Executive: 5 Positions

Committee Co-Chairs: 5 Positions

Representatives: 7 Positions