What’s next: the unplanner’s guide to career development w/ Abi Jones, UX Manager @ Google Health

The person you are today has abilities and limitations that you didn’t predict for yourself 5 years ago. And the role you’ll have 5 years from now, can’t be decided just by looking at the jobs that exist today. Instead of making a 5-year plan, start planning for what’s next. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify the work that fuels you, reflect on the principles that guide your preferences, and activate the advisors who will support you as you take the next step in your career. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Zoom / Add to Calendar Link will be at the bottom of your Eventbrite order confirmation email under “Additional Information”
When: Friday, Nov 6th @ 5:50PM EST

Where: Free to sign up – register here! <https://www.eventbrite.com/e/whats-next-the-unplanners-guide-to-career-development-w-abi-jones-tickets-126624452145>