Tech Fund Representatives

Lynda Yao (Upper Year Tech Fund Representative)

Lynda is currently a second year MI student in the UXD and KMIM concentration. She graduated with a B.A., in History and English from the University of Toronto Mississauga. She is currently serving as an Upper Year Tech Rep and a GSU Rep in MISC.
In her free time, Lynda enjoys playing video games, drawing, hiking with her dogs, and any sort of activity that involves making/consuming food. As part of MISC, she aims to help and support iSchool students in both their academic and on-campus matters.
Feel free to say hi to Lynda if you see her around, or drop her an email.

Alice Norton-Bell (Upper Year Tech Fund Representative)

Alice is a third year CRO (MI & MMSt) student here at the iSchool with concentrations in both Library and Information Science (LIS) and Archives and Records Management (ARM). She served as the Tech Fund's Referendum Coordinator for the 2016-2017 committee and will be acting as the Chair for the 2017-2018 committee.

Alice has a love for all cultural institutions and is very interested in the intersections between libraries, archives and museums. She enjoys exploring the various uses of evolving technologies and new media to improve the cultural experience and hopes to use this knowledge to help the Tech Fund improve the overall iSchool experience for MI and MMSt students alike. In her free time Alice can be found crafting, reading or exploring Cabbagetown with her adorable pug Charlie!

Feel free to stop her in the halls to share any ideas or thoughts regarding the Tech Fund!

Vacant (First Year Tech Fund Representative)

This position is presently vacant