Amber Shortell

Current Elected Roles: 

Amber Shortell is an MI student in her second year pursuing the Information Systems Design and User Experience Design concentrations. In her first year, she served on the Council as the Life and Times Committee Representative (which is now the First Year Social position), worked for the Faculty as a Student Ambassador assisting at events and giving tours, and hosted the first official iSchool Clothing Swap.

Amber comes to us from York University’s Glendon College, where she earned a Specialized Honours BA in English. When not studying or working, she can be found taking long walks, eating at one of her favourite places in the Annex, and doing what English majors do best – reading.

As the current president, she is open to any comments and concerns you have about the Council or the school itself, online or in person. Feel free to say hello and stop for a chat whenever you see her, as she enjoys conversing with fellow students.