Upper Year Tech Fund Representative

There are two Upper Year Student Tech Fund Representatives (SY-STFR) on student council. These positions must be held by second year Master of Information students who are elected at the completion of the Spring Semester. They must hold the position for a full year and attend and contribute to all MISC meetings and are each allotted one vote. The UY-STFR helps propose and track purchases made with the Student Tech Fund, while also reporting before MISC about purchases and asking for MISC approval on purchases exceeding $3,000. The UY-STFR will also attend Student Tech Fund committee meetings, which are comprised of MI and MMst tech fund members and may include faculty and IT supervisors. These meetings must be held once every 30 days during the Fall and Winter semesters. The UY-STFR will also hold one of the Student Tech Fund committee positions, as dictated by the Tech Fund By-Laws.


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