The Secretary attends and contributes to all meetings of the governing council and is elected one vote. The Secretary (or President) may chair meetings of the Governing Council. The Secretary takes minutes at meetings of the Governing Council and Executive Committee, edits them for clarity, and then sends these to the Webmaster and CCs the President. The minutes are then made accessible to all members and posted on the website. The Secretary will produce an annual directory of the members of the Governing Council to be made publicly available to the Membership. The Secretary acts as Chief Returning Officer (CRO) for Council elections and coordinates the fall and winter semester elections. Fall nominations usually take place in the second week of the semester and elections occur around the third week. The winter nominations usually go up at the beginning of March and the elections take place around the third or fourth week in March. Election duties include:

  • writing announcements for the election
  • creating promotion posters
  • gathering nominees information (name, email and blurb)
  • announcing candidates
  • creating and counting ballots
  • announcing elected members to iSchool faculty and students
  • passing candidates contact information to the President

The Secretary also acts as an Executive member of the Council, which includes:

  • attending additional Executive meetings if a serious issue arises
  • having signing rights to the MISC financial account and signing Council cheques if needed
  • chairing meetings if the President requests
  • help out at and represent the Council at various events

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