Academic Affairs Officers

The Academic Affairs Officers represent Governing Council on all academic and curricular issues, serve as a point of contact for students experiencing academic or curricular issues and liaise between such students and the faculty or administration. The Second Year Officer is elected in the spring and First Year Officer is elected in the fall, and each Academic Affairs Officer is allotted one vote in Governing Council meetings. The Academic Affairs Officers will also serve as representatives to the following committees to maintain a holistic understanding of Academic Affairs at the iSchool:

  • Committee on Standing, where the Faculty of Information discusses and makes decisions related to requests for extensions, late withdrawal, thesis options, and doctoral thesis titles and committees (1 representative)
  • The Programs Committee for the Faculty of Information, which discusses and makes decisions related to the iSchool’s programs such as curricula. (2 representatives)
  • Faculty Council, which is the body that oversees the Faculty’s standing committees and affairs. (1 representative)

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