Council Members

For the 2019-20 Academic Year:


Executive members conduct MISC’s business to facilitate other council members’ activities and various student initiatives, disseminating information to the MI student body, and acting as ex-officio members on other committees/councils.

Patty Facy


Katrine Czajkowski

Executive Vice President

Nicholas Lindsay-Lewis

VP-Academic Affairs

Gaurav Bamezai


McKinzey Manes

VP Operations

Jason Batten-Carew



These council members are elected by the MI student body to chair MISC’s standing committees: Academic Affairs, Professional Development, and Social committees.

Akram Wahdan

Upper Year Professional Development Co-Chair

Laura Windhorst

Social Committee Co-Chair

Abbey Krueger

Social Committee Co-Chair

Val Masters

Upper Year iStudents for Mental Health Co-Chair

Lena Zhao

First Year iStudents for Mental Health Co-Chair

Sharon Lam

Upper Year Survey Committee Co-Chair

Grace Chen

First Year Survey Committee Co-Chair

Savannah Li

First Year Professional Development Co-Chair


These council members represent the interests of MI students on various committees and councils within the Faculty of Information and the University of Toronto.

Cher-Ann Chai

Alumni Association Representative

Katrine Czajkowski

Graduate Student Union Rep (EVP)

Nicholas Lindsay-Lewis

Committee on Standing Representative (VP-AA)

Nicholas Lindsay-Lewis

Programs Committee Representative, Upper Year (VP-AA)

Nicholas Lindsay-Lewis

MRAC Representative (VP-AA)

Patty Facy

Graduate Student Union Representative (P)

Katrine Czajkowski

Programs Committee Representative, First Year (EVP)

Xijia Jessica Peng

First Year Social Committee Representative

Vipasha Shaikh

Upper Year Tech Fund Representative

Maya Pasternak

Upper Year Tech Fund Representative

Robyn Forman

Graduate Student Union Representative

Sydney Stype



First Year Tech Fund Representative


Patty Facy

Faculty Council Representative (Pres)

Katrine Czajkowski

Faculty Council Representative (EVP/KMIM)

Nicholas Lindsay-Lewis

Faculty Council Representative (VP-AA/HCDS)

Kaitlyn Simpson

Faculty Council Representative (C&T)

Eric Hanson

Faculty Council Representative (UXD)

Victoria Yang

Faculty Council Representative (LIS)

Jillie Reimer

Faculty Council Representative (ARM)

Wing Lam Tse

Faculty Council Representative (ISD)

Lily Clarke

Faculty Council Representative (CIPS)


Andrew Micak

Part-Time Working Group Co-Chair

Meagan Lau

Part-Time Working Group Co-Chair

Tomoko Shida

Diversity Working Group Co-Chair

Tamara Rayan

Diversity Working Group Co-Chair

Adrian Petterson

Accessibility Interests Working Group Chair