Class of 2020 Continuity

Chair: Patty Facy

The Class of 2020 Continuity Working Group was created at MISC’s April 2020 General Council meeting to address the impacts of COVID-19 on the Class of 2020 iSchool graduates. The group aims to bring closure to graduating students by ensuring that cancelled end of year events such as Convocation and graduation celebrations can take place at a later date once social distancing measures are lifted. Students who wish to get involved should reach out to the group’s chair, Patty Facy

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The Class of 2020 Continuity Working Group shall:

  • Liaise with iSchool administration on all matters relating to the class of 2020
    convocation/graduation celebration planning;
  • Finish coordinating the distribution of outstanding 2019-20 merchandise to
    graduating students;
  • Be allocated $10,000 (the remainder of unspent funds in the 2019-20 budget) in funding from MISC during the 2020-21 term to put towards a convocation/end-of-year graduation celebration;
  • Cease operating once all activities mentioned above have been completed or
    deemed not possible to complete.

Working Group Members:
Patty Facy (MI) (Chair)
Sydney Stype (CDP)
Abbey Krueger (MI)
Joshua Shum (MI)
Charlotte Halstead (MI)
Matthew Dominico (MMSt)
Elizabeth Cytko (MMSt)
Erika Ilse (MMSt)